The 12 week Sacred SBE Container begins on August 19th


This container is for you if...

You know the strategies, the basics of business. 

And by now you’ve read 100’s of inspirational/educational posts for how to grow your business, but here’s the simple truth–

It’s NOT working for you the way you want/need it to. 

You’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and probably still not completely clear on HOW the F*** you’re actually going to scale the business the way you want to this year.

*At least not while also having a life and maintaining the bit of sanity and freedom you have left*

Yet you can’t help but feel this lingering resistance in the pit of your stomach cringing at the thought of your bank account and dreading this next “launch” period.

You’ve contemplated opening up a new mini course, maybe taking on some more random 1:1’s, or what about doing that 2 day workshop just to bring in a few extra bucks?! 

It feels like every day there’s a new shiny object for what’s hot in marketing and all your favorite influencers are preaching about their “secret strategy” and what’s worked best for them–

It’s no wonder you’re feeling more lost, scattered, and unsure than ever before. 

You’ve got a million different things to manage and everyone keeps telling you to add more.


Let’s get back to basics.

All you really want is to be able to have a business that creates consistent and sustainable profit doing what you truly fucking love. 

To take the trip without thinking twice about it & purchase first class on your flights, not having to look at the price tags when you go shopping or when you’re out at night. 

You want to be EXCITED about showing up on social media and writing content again. 

To wake up every morning feeling inspired by your life where you can’t wait to share the crazy stories from your erotic weekend out with friends & how it’s empowered you to be the woman you are today in your life and business.

You crave to have clarity and certainty in exactly what needs to happen to get the business where you want to be and trust yourself to get it done. 

To be able to spend the majority of your time living your best life sippin’ kombucha on an exotic beach next to that gorgeous foreign man rubbin’ sunscreen on you while you lay out in the sun working on your nude tan. 

You want the business to be simple, fun, pleasurable, and most importantly…

Profitable AF.

To have a REAL consistent plan on exactly what needs to happen to get you on that beach soakin’ up the sun. 

Guess what?

ALL of that, is SO much more than…

 … just a dirty fantasy. 

It CAN be that way, and it’s hella simpler than you think. 😉

Believe it or not, what you need is to SIMPLIFY your entire business and marketing model and focus on mastering your content & overall social media presence. 

Yes, you read that right.

Simple is best.

It’s time to break ALL the rules and build a business that’s fully in alignment with YOUR highest excitement. 

A business that’s built on soulful strategies, full self expression, clear & aligned systems, and most importantly… 

a simple model that allows you to have all the spaciousness and freedom so you can get back to living. 


This is the mantra of the SBE.

Inside this 12-week sacred container, we get back to what REALLY matters when it comes to growing & scaling a soulful business strategically.

No more busy work, random processes, or pointless strategies. 

EVERYTHING is done intentionally to support you in creating the income & impact you know you came here to make– and to do it in the most fun, simple, and pleasurable way possible. 

So WTF does it mean to build a seductive business through embodiment? 

Let’s drop in deeper on that sista friend:

Asset 8@4x

Redefine your entire business model in a way that feels juicy AF for YOU and encompasses what you really want to do.

We dissect your offer(s) and uncover how to scale in the most spacious way possible that’s based on the profit & lifestyle goals you’ve set for yourself. No more random offers you don’t actually want to be doing. 😉
If you don’t love it, don’t do it. Stop settling when it comes to your business & marketing strategies. It’s either a FUCK YES or a no. Regardless of where you’re at, where you want to be, or what you want to do, there IS (more than one) way to make it profitable, so lean in to that and trust your gut. This is where we build the business around YOU, not the other way around. 😉

Asset 7@4x

Claim who the F*** you really are. Your most raw, authentic, unfiltered self expression

so you can speak directly to your aligned clients in a way that’s magnetizing af and leaves them feeling so seen, heard, and understood that they can’t wait to work with you because they know EXACTLY what you do & see the value. This is where we reclaim what truly makes you, YOU in the industry and how to communicate that appropriately online.

Done are the days of basic copywriting, content that’s dissatisfying, and feeling unable to be ALL that you are online. It’s time for you to own the power of your pussy & liberate yourself from the confines of what’s been deemed “socially acceptable” to do.

Asset 6@4x

Fine tune your entirely automated sales system

that educates your potential clients on your entire process and prequalifies them so you’re only connecting with people who are ready and excited to invest in you. We do this through cultivating content, sales pages, and systems that fully express ALL of what you do in a way that’s relevant af for your ideal client. It’s the process of positioning yourself as the Queen that you are and allowing yourself to be received in that same light by the people who need what you have to offer. Remember, Queens don’t beg.

Asset 2@4x

Mastering your content writing and learning how to turn your audience on

through your own full self expression in your content. Knowing how to utilize your unique story, raw essence, and personality to write in a way that your audience feels deeply connected to who you be. We start by releasing any shame, guilt, or self judgement that may be lingering when it comes to sharing the parts you *dont* want your audience to see-- Then through the embodiment, you learn how to turn these triggers into turn ons that captivate your audience and position you as the authority.

Asset 3@4x

Embracing intuitive marketing, breaking all the rules of diet culture in marketing

(aka this all or nothing mentality), and surrendering to your own unique process on how to fluidly move through seasons of nurturing vs enrollment so you can live in consistent flow in your business and have a content strategy that feels yummy AND is also strategic. This is where we dive MUCH deeper than just basic content types. It’s understanding HOW to turn on your inspiration, utilize your lifestyle and integrate it fully into the business, then reverse engineering an exact process that works for YOUR unique business without the burnouts, anxiety, and stress. Aka you get to be a pleasure princess in all things marketing and copy. 😉

Asset 4@4x

Building your personal brand so you can stand out online in a way thats polarizing and feels fully aligned.

You’ll develop your entire sales page as part of this program and be consistent visually across social media + platforms so you’ve been positioned as more than just a pretty social account and instead, have sustenance in your online authority

Asset 5@4x

Embodying your business and turning it into a pleasure practice

so you can ENJOY the process of growing and scaling and KNOW how to activate your inspiration on your command while also feeling confident in moving through the emotional eb & flow of entrepreneurship. It’s this beautiful integration of your divine femine spiritual self and the divine masculine analytical and strategic self so you can have BOTH and feel fully IN YOUR BODY in the business.

As female entrepreneurs, we basically don’t accept the status quo of what we’re “supposed” to do…

… and we do what the fuck we want instead.

So why keep struggling, hustling, and doing all the things you don’t even enjoy in the first place?

Here’s the secret sauce in ALL of this… It’s you showing up shamelessly and being FULLY expressed in your life AND especially in your online presence. 

It’s you being willing to break ALL the rules when it comes to business and marketing–

To do your own thing without caring about judgement because your goal is to really live life on your own terms and define your own view of success.

And THAT takes some real big ovaries sista friend. 

Which is EXACTLY what we’re here to support you in doing in the Seductive Business Embodiment Program.

For you to have a business that’s simple, clear, and straight to the point while also embracing your playful, sensual, soulful self every step of the way. 

It’s scaling through pleasure and creating profit through strategic embodiment and seductive marketing–

Getting you back to LIVING more Orgasmically because that’s the way we believe business is supposed to be. 

MEET Your Sensual Soul Sista’s in Shine:

Magnificent Mel

If you had told me years ago while I was wearing pants suits and giving corporate branding presentations that I’d be helping ladies like you tap into their sexual power and show up fully online by posting pics of myself in lingerie…girlllll I would have laughed so loud at your hilarious joke. 

The journey from being stuck in my masculine side at my day job to starting my first branding and web design business and building it to multiple 6 figures to kicking off my second mentorship business with a $40k launch has landed me here. Posting pics of my 🍑in my underwear. And I’m here to empower you to uncover your version of that so that you can give zero fucks and show up online fully. 

Cuz girl let me tell you, it is a FUCKING DREAM to give zero fucks and be fully embodied in your branding & copywriting. 

It’s time to be joyful, orgasmic, ecstatic in your business. It’s time to take back your power and implement systems in your biz that are designed to SUPPORT your feminine energy rather than deplete it. 

This is the place where you get to break all the rules, let go of complex marketing strategies that are suffocating you and FLY FREE with who you truly are (and make that $$ too, boo) 

Let’s do this. 

connect with Mel on IG

connect with Soph on IG

Sexy Soph

Would you believe me if I said that self pleasure has been the portal for my abundant success? 😉 

Welllll issss true. Granted, I totally played into the same programs and games as you– Hustled 24/7, built all the funnels, ran all the ads, even developed adrenal fatigue and massive anxiety along the way.

But hey, I supported 2 mentors in scaling million dollar companies and helped well over 100’s of clients in hitting the 6 figure mark in their business over the last 4 years sooooo it worked, right?

Except for the massive realization that having a biz that was hitting these glorified digits was only as satisfying as the minute you got the notification then it went right back to the feelings of frustration, stress, and overwhelm contemplating if this is even worth it. 

YEAH, how’s that for dark and gloomy? Here’s the thing I uncovered: YOU have to redefine what success means to you and START with the life you ACTUALLY want to be living. We’ve gotta stop buying into and chasing someone else’s dream.

No more playing by someone else’s rules and showing up the way *THEY* say you need to. It’s time to reclaim YOUR personal power and divine truth in business. 

It’s time to pleasure your way to success, fall in love with the process, and build the business in way where you feel fully seen and fully expressed.

Ya with me on this one?


Asset 2@4x


There’s nothing more sacred than the sisterhood that is created inside each cohort of this mastermind. Each woman is intentionally selected and carefully curated to ensure we have a high vibe tribe of conscious leaders committed to growth. You’ll have eternal access to an online container where you can connect daily with your sisters in slay, receive real time support from your mentors, and share whatever is present for you as you move through the seasons of your business.

Asset 2@4x

Sensual Embodiment

Here’s the truth, your content and your business will only be as potent and powerful as YOU choose to show up-- Your results will be a direct reflection of your EMBODIMENT of what you do. Each week we’ll drop in deep with you inside our group mentorship calls on accessing your most sensual and shameless self expression so you can show up fully in your rawest expression online. You’ll move through triggers, fears, doubts, and any self judgement or insecurities that creep up so you can fully step into your power and show up online as the fully embodied women you were born to be. In these intimate group coaching calls, we hold space for you offering reflections in all aspects of business, marketing, branding and sensuality.

Asset 2@4x


The most practical and important element of what we teach comes down to the Principles,frameworks, methodologies, and technologies that we break down for you simply and easily inside our curriculum. Laying out brick by brick all the foundations for building the self sustaining machine that is your business. It’s a lot of strategy infused with so much soul.


Here’s what what's we'll cover inside the program:


What we’re building

First things first, your big picture overview of EXACTLY what you’ll be doing over the 3 months of us working together. You’ll receive when joining this journey is an actual roadmap of your client journey where we’ll breakdown you’re entire business model and help you get clear on the different ways that you can generate profit in the business so you have a model that’s sustainable and scalable.

We’ll show you all the different pieces of the puzzle so you know what you’ll be moving through and can understand at depth the entire business model of what we’re building out so you can start the program feeling confident, certain, and absolutely clear on what you’re here to do and how to make it happen.

Module 1:

Embodying Your Business (Brand identity + Lifestyle + Delivery)

Before we start creating, it’s time to get clear on who you REALLY are in your full self expression. What are the parts of you no one knows about? How much of your life is fully integrated with your business? This is where we get to drop in deep with HOW you show up online and ensuring you’re feeling aligned with the brand identity you’ve created for yourself while also ensuring you can integrate ALL of your life into it in a way that feels good.

From here, we’ll tweak any aspect of your offers and delivery so it feels fully in alignment with your full self expression and update any aspect of your program outline or curriculum so you can be *excited AF* about what you’ll be marketing over the rest of the program.

Module 2:

Positioning/Story/ tone + Copywriting:

Calling in tribe and speaking to their ideal client– Relating on a human level. Getting to understand their IC from a more foundational perspective based on personality, interests, and desires. Tone and voice for the ideal client you’d be in love with and excited about connecting with. Positioning self as an authority through your story.

Module 3:

Sales Systems:

Build out the sales system: application, booking link, enrollment call guide, follow up emails, sales call framework. Tech + integration of these systems.

This is where we get really granular and build out your entire sales process so you’re ready to receive clients and sales calls without feeling overwhelmed in the process.

Module 4:

Social Media Marketing – Part 1: Content Creation

Organic social media marketing made simple. Here’s where we’ll help you focus on content types, enrollment/nurturing mode, IGTV, IG stories, FB lives, and creating content that actually converts as well as ways to really grow their audience.

This is the depth of developing your copywriting skills, Finding your true voice, and learning how to leverage your personal story online so you can connect with your audience in a more potent and powerful way.

We’re getting much deeper than basic content frameworks and instead, focusing on empowering you to become a content creating queen who knows how to show up potently while also being relevant af to her audience.

Module 4:

Social Media Marketing – Part 2: Content Distribution

This is where we’ll work directly with you in reverse engineering your step by step marketing plan based off of your own unique goals for revenue and lifestyle. You’ll learn our process for building your email list, launching and running your program year round and recognizing the difference between marketing seasons so you don’t always have to feel like you’re selling and can still live sustainably.

We’ll be showing you how to leverage your own personal blog through your social media platforms and email list so you can drive traffic to both your website and your social platforms and finally, we’ll ensure you have your marketing plan for the next year thats inclusive of your entire product suite so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or scattered with your offers and positioning.

Module 5:

Embodiment Refresher

This is where we dive deep into your own embodiment of what you teach online. We all know marketing and content creation is so much more than just the message you’re sharing. It’s the energy behind it, and in this module we’ll teach you how to get back into your body to enhance everything you do in your business.

You’ll learn how to leverage pleasure as a practice to scaling online while also uncovering how you can show up more fully expressed in a way that feels congruent with your brand. We will also be doing an assessment on your progress so far in the program and reassess what needs to happen next by setting clear intentions and developing your core focuses for the remainder of the program.

We’ll look at what is and isn’t working for you and ensure you have both the internal practice and the external strategy on how to make it happen.

Module 6:

Sales page copy

This is where we help you create your entire sales page for your core offer and break down for you the principles of sales page magic based of the 500 plus sales pages we’ve built over our years in the industry.

You’ll integrate all that you are, your own voice, tone, and language patterns, with everything we teach when it comes to structure, core elements, and layout that tells your audience a story and gets them excited about investing.

Finally we’ll show you how to interlace your sales page with the rest of your sales process so you can fully integrate it into an automated marketing system and start promoting both organically through social media and of course, through your email list.

Module 7:

Branding + Web Design

Here’s where we really put our money where our mouth is and create the visual representation of your brand and business.

Together we will map out a branding and sales page strategy that will work hand in hand with your expert positioning to make you stand out as the obvious choice in your industry. And we’ll have some fun jamming out on your mood board, helloooo inspirational images 🙂 

We also walk the walk here by providing you with a custom sales page template that you can plug right into your website as well a copywriting guide and one on one support to make sure all the tech stuff is hooked up right.

It’s like having a your own personal designer and developer on your team to elevate your brand and usher you into the next level of leadership in your biz with a brand website that magnetizes your audience, walks them through your nurturing sequence and converts them into dreamy, ideal clients for you.

Module 8:


During our final weeks together, we’ll work closely with you on ensuring you’ve developed your bullet proof business plan and marketing strategy that’s congruent with where you want to be financially and allows you to be fully embodied.

This is where we can support you in finalizing any technical components of your brand, website, business process, or marketing strategy so every aspect of your business is running like a well oiled machine.

Most importantly, this is where we’ll support you in developing your next level embodiment so you can step out of this container feeling like you’ve fully integrated with your higher self and know how to be the business pleasure princess you were born to be.

Inside Seductive Business Embodiment
You’ll Receive:

12 weeks of group coaching calls

3 Months of intimate 1:1 business, marketing, embodiment + branding mentorship from Mel + Soph

Access to over 50 videos + PDF’s walking you through the step by step process of building a seductive brand online + how to market the ish out of your business in a way that feels orgasmic AF

A soul sista tribe that will last a lifetime

A Marketing plan that works FOR you where we help you reverse engineer your entire marketing process so you don’t just know HOW to sell, but you also know how to attract people into your program through organic social media marketing

1 hour long private 1:1 call with mel + soph

If You Sign Up Now You Will Receive 3 Bonus Resources Worth Over $6000!

SBC_aztec geometry_710309

BONUS: Website template + instructional video

You'll receive a professionally and fabulously designed 6 page website template complete with all the bells and whistle you need to stand out online as the obvious + sexiest choice in your industry. The templates are super easy to use and include a super detailed instructional video so all you need to do is pop in your brand colors, photos and copy and boom! You're ready to invite those dreamy clients of yours into your world.

SBC_aztec geometry_710309

BONUS: Pleasure practices & orgasmic manifestations/meditations

Want to know our juicy secrets to business embodiment and being a true pleasure princess? This is where Soph gets to dive deep on her own practices and beliefs when it comes to sensuality, full self expression, harnessing your sexual energy in business and learning the art of orgasmic manifestations.

She’ll be sharing with you her breathwork techniques and meditative practices that she uses on a regular basis to keep her centered and grounded along with moon rituals and other emotional release ceremonies needed to evolve throughout this entire process.

SBC_aztec geometry_710309

BONUS: Team and scaling

Ready to have your business working for you so you can get back to living the dream? Let’s talk team.

Truth bomb alert: If your business cannot operate without you, you don’t have a real business. YOU are the business. And that, is not scalable or sustainable. *Cue massive ego cringe

Let’s be really clear here, you only have so much time, energy, and frequency in a day-- and if you really want to scale past the ceiling you’ve been hitting WITHOUT completely burning out or having weekly mental/emotional breakdowns, you need to build a team that loves you, sees you, and supports the business vision just as much as you do.

And yes, there is a way to do this that feels yummy for everybody.

We’ll teach you how to get clear on what you need to hire out for, how to find, onboard, and train your magical unicorn. And of course, how to compensate your team as you continue to grow into your zone of genius while also making a shit ton of money.

Choose Your Investment

1 payment of...



Or $996 today then 3 Monthly Payments of $1500

(both payment options available inside)

Still on the fence? If you’re feeling triggered or turned on but not sure if you’re ready to fully lean in, just click here to connect with us on a call and we can drop in on what you’re feeling. Loving you always babe! 

The 12 week Sacred SBE Container begins on August 19th


Are you one of the soul sista’s we’re calling in?

This container is NOT for everyone, so let’s get clear on who this is best for:

This is not your Basic Business course.

We’re not here to teach you the basics of building your biz or discovering what your gifts are in the world. 

We’re here to dive deep into the vegan meat of marketing and branding for your business. 

We’re not here to overwhelm you with funnels, random ad strategies, or tons of mindset with no real clear strategy. 

This is a container designed uniquely around our exact process, lifestyle, and own personal embodiment so if you don’t love who we be, and the way we show up, this isn’t for you. 

We are going FAR beyond business basics and into the upper levels of business growth and expansion from a place of sensual strategy + pleasure practices.

This is like your masters program in business evolution, embodied branding, and seductive marketing. 



Just like you, who’ve worked directly with us in growing & scaling their business online.

Hear how Alex went from working 80 hours a week to only 15 hours a week max by positioning her content to target clients who are ready and able to invest in her program. She went from enrolling 4 women in her first program before working with us to enrolling 25 women, having a waitlist and had to shut down enrollment 3 months early after we supported her in setting up her business systems + marketing strategies. Watch the entire interview here.

Amanda went from taking on random 1:1 clients with no program or process resisting systems and strategies to trusting her value + offers making multi 6 figures, feeling confident in stepping in building out her entire mentorship business and filled her program within 2-3 weeks of talking about it. Watch the entire interview here.

Jaya joined us needing the support + the structure that allowed her to see what was possible inside a group container to move out of the 1:1 space and step into creating + filling her own scalable group program in a way that felt FLUID in her marketing. Watch the entire interview here.

Meg went from feeling stuck in her marketing and wanting to scale her business to accepting mentorship + coaching that allowed her to move from random hustle to having clear strategies + systems that make her business a sustainable lifestyle. Hear about how deep + intimate her coaching experience was inside our container that allowed her content to flow even better + show up so much more powerfully in her creativity. Watch the entire interview here.

Meet Nadine, a social media manager who created her first group mentorship program from scratch and filled up all 10 spots a month before her program start date all through organic social media marketing.

Meet Chris, a career coach who went from being overwhelmed with 1:1 clients to developing the systems, structure, and strategy needed so she can scale her business with much more ease AND make twice as much profit.

Meet Kirsten, an internet marketing specialist who was able to triple her revenue in the first 6 weeks of the beta program (the Business Ignitor) and developed the foundations for the systems in her business so she can scale with much more ease.

Meet Evin, a dating and love life coach who was able to grow and scale her business from her largest month of $5k (before we started working together) to ending 2018 with her highest profit month ever.

We did a LIVE interview with Evin 3 months after this video where she shares how she was able to continue growing her business by over 200%, sold out her group program, and successfully increased her 1:1 pricing. Watch the replay RIGHT HERE!

Meet Christine, who was able to massively shift her self worth AND implement the right strategies so she could hire team, hit her highest revenue months, launched her first group mentorship program and has doubled her income with more leads and clients than she’s ever had before and SO much more.

Chloe went from her full Time job to becoming a full time entrepreneur and filling up her acupuncture/coaching roster by creating the systems to streamline her business and market online.

Whether you’re starting from ground zero or you’ve been in business for a hot minute– We’ve got you covered.

There are hundreds of more messages
we could share, but rather…..

Click to watch more client interviews and testimonials
and tune into the endless possibilities in store for you when you join the Boss B*tch Evolution…


 Lean into that feeling and get clear on what you really believe you need. 

The 12 week Sacred SBE Container begins on August 19th


Choose Your Investment

1 payment of...



Or $996 today then 3 Monthly Payments of $1500

(both payment options available inside)

Still on the fence? If you’re feeling triggered or turned on but not sure if you’re ready to fully lean in, just click here to connect with us on a call and we can drop in on what you’re feeling. Loving you always babe! 

Here’s the simple truth, we’re not for everybody.

We believe in building a business that allows you to be fully embodied.

It requires SO MUCH MORE than just systems and strategies. We’ve played that game of keeping it professional, polished, and clean– yet it never quite worked the way we wanted it to.

It was exhausting following someone else’s complicated marketing strategy. Building insane funnels and spending literally THOUSANDS on ad spend for little to no return. 

We’ve built this container as a way to completely break the wheel in the marketing industry and show you how to build a business through pleasure and embodiment. Through simple yet sensual systems and strategies by giving you only what we know you need. 

We’re teaching you EXACTLY what we do and that’s it. Because we know how good it feels to show up the way we do, to be seen and felt across the world by an audience that fully resonates with you. 

And to scale the business in a way that’s fun, feels good, and is down right enjoyable because you have a clear path and a strategy that works FOR you. 

So if you want in, we’re here for you babe. 

xo – Soph + Mel


SBE (Seductive Business Embodiment) is a live 12-week group business mentorship program run by Mel Judson + Soph Kessner. The program consists of weekly live coaching calls as well as video modules and PDF’s that take you through intuitive and joyful marketing inside your business so that you can be fully expressed online and become a magnet for abundance.

We get started on August 19th and the program runs for 12 weeks.

Besides the fact that ARE YOU FOR REAL? Lol jk. Here’s the thing, we are 1000% IN this with you, practically holding your hand every single step of the way. This is a model we’ve worked with 100’s of entrepreneurs through. That means there are literally hundreds of business’ alive today because of the work that we do (you’re welcome) we aren’t teaching you theory or concepts, we’re giving you step by step strategies and frameworks to implement that we KNOW work– it’s literally exactly what we do in our own biz. Oh, and we actually help you build out your entire brand and website with your business plan– so tell me, where else can you find ALL of this? 😉

You have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé. You have time for what you make time for and what could be more of a priority than creating the life of your dreams.

In terms of actual time investment, the modules will take you about 1 hour per week to go through at your own pace, and then between 1-3 hours per week of implementing the exercises, and then 1 hour a week for the coaching calls aka actual liquid gold. So you’re looking at about 3-6 hours per week through the 12 weeks of the program.

We’ve got you covered boo. Transitions and changes in your offers, audiences, brand identity, or overall business service in general is one of our mega specialities, so get your cute little booty in here ASAP because there is a *right* way to do this. 😉

The only thing you *really* need is a computer with internet access and the self-control not to spend all day on Facebook 🙂

We will be reviewing the following apps/softwares some of which are paid and some are free. None of these are required for the program but you’ll likely want some combo of these things to get started with your business:

Google Docs

We will walk you through this step by step in the program, but here is the gist:

You’ll need to purchase your domain name, such as or whatever you want to call your business. This is around $10/year.

You’ll need to purchase your hosting, this is what connects your domain name with the rest of the internet. There’s lots of options for this, we’ll go over the best ones and most plans start at around $5/month.

We will be building your website on WordPress which is free and we’ll show you step by step how to install it. Even if you aren’t tech savvy, I promise.

Do I smell a little procrastination, girlfriend? 😉 We can tell you for sure this will be the last opportunity to work with us in this capacity for 2019. Also, we have never run the same iteration of any of our programs because we are constantly evolving and upleveling. SO. We honestly don’t know if/when the next round will be, but earliest it will be in 2020 and we KNOW you don’t wanna wait that long to start making moves in your biz. 

Jokes aside, I hear you on this one. I would like to tell you that your loved ones should support you unconditionally (they should) but the reality is sometimes they don’t. This is usually because they just want what’s best for you and if they don’t have your vision they might not be able to see how this really, truly *is* what’s best for you.

This is part of being an entrepreneur. Going against the grain and believing in yourself more than anyone else does. 

Well sh*t, life would be pretty boring if you weren’t, wouldn’t it?! Do stuff that scares you. That is how you evolve and grow and level up in life. If you never did anything scary then you wouldn’t have learned to walk, talk, dance and swim. You got this and you are not alone. We are in your corner rooting for you and giving you a loving nudge to jump!

Since you get access to the entire program, community and support as soon as you enroll, there are no refunds. We could give you a refund but honestly we want you to have some skin in the game so that you actually show up, do the work and commit to creating magic and $ in your life and business.

This program was designed specifically for service-based, female entrepreneurs who want to start/grow a business online. If you do something else but you still think this program may be right for you, send us an email at and we can discuss it on our call.

The Seductive Business Embodiment is a sacred container for growth and transformation. Growing your business online is approximately 70% mindset. Men are cool and all, but we find that creating a space just for women allows us to get the best results and to openly and safely explore the specific and unique challenges of being a woman entrepreneur and a woman online.

Any person who identifies as a woman is welcome to apply.

Yes, it does. Of course you get what you put into this and the proof is in the pudding. Take a look above at the results women have gotten from working with us. Also don’t eat pudding with proof in it that seems like a bad idea 😉

Still on the fence? If you’re feeling triggered or turned on but not sure if you’re ready to fully lean in, just click here to connect with us on a call and we can drop in on what you’re feeling. Loving you always babe! 


Ready to turn yourself on in your business? 

Still on the fence? If you’re feeling triggered or turned on but not sure if you’re ready to fully lean in, just click here to connect with us on a call and we can drop in on what you’re feeling. Loving you always babe! 

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