The ONLY FREE 1 hour Masterclass you’ll need to slay in your online sales and marketing

From Scattered to Scalable:

A Jam Packed FREE Masterclass on ALL the systems you need to slay in your sales + marketing WITHOUT the burnout


Thursday November 14 at 5pm PST / 8pm EST

For Coaches, Copywriters & Branding + Web Designers


Ready to create Mo’ Money, Mo’ time + Mo’ Freedom with the EXACT systems + strategies to scale your sales + Marketing WITHOUT spending $1000’s on complicated ads or funnels?!

You’ll learn AND IMPLEMENT the exact {simple yet strategic} systems we’ve created that have generated well over 7 figures in revenue for our students FOR FREE


You won’t want to miss this masterclass because we’ll be giving away ONE FREE SPOT inside our Strategic Business Embodiment self study program to one lucky attendee. Wanna win? You gotta sign up NOW!

MEET Your Sensual Soul Sista’s in Shine:

Magnificent Mel

The journey from being stuck in my masculine side at my day job to starting my first branding and web design business and building it to multiple 6 figures to kicking off my second mentorship business with a $40k launch has landed me here. 

And I want to empower you to uncover the most authentic version of YOU so you can give zero fucks and show up online fully.

It’s time to be joyful, orgasmic, ecstatic in your business. It’s time to take back your power and implement systems in your biz that are designed to SUPPORT your feminine energy rather than deplete it. 

Cuz girl let me tell you, it is a FUCKING DREAM to give zero fucks and be fully embodied in your branding & copywriting.

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Soulful Soph

I’ve been on this entrepreneurial roller coaster for 4 years, and along the way, been insanely blessed by source + synchronicity to be behind the scenes supporting + mentoring for multiple 7 figure brands like BossBabe Inc, Libby Crow, Simon Lovell, and Online Coach Accelerator by Rachel Bell.

 Safe to say, I KNOW what it takes to scale far beyond the 6 figure mark, but more importantly…I’ve learned from my mentor’s experiences when they’ve made the decision to shut down programs, companies, or completely pivot.

The theme? Realizing there’s so much more to life than just trying to hit profit as quickly as possible doing as much as possible and burning out. It’s why systems, spaciousness, and alignment have become my top values in business + marketing. 

Let’s get you scaling a fully embodied brand + business that supports a life of fun, pleasure, and spaciousness. 

Ya with me on this one?

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