Ready To Reclaim Your Queendom & Write Your Most Orgasmic Comeback Story Ever?

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reawakening Your true

Power + Potential as a Rebel Queen in Business.

Queens see Queens, even in moments when we forget to see ourselves. It’s time to fix your crown & reclaim your throne.

Wherever you are right now, it’s NOT the end of your story love. This is the moment where you decide, you DECLARE to remember who TF you really are. It’s time to rewrite history & start building your legacy from a place of pure pleasure, power, fun & ease–

You’re a millionaire in the making.

Ready to embody even more of  this fabulous BD energy? 😉

You're a Cosmic Goddess; Born Worthy, Wealthy, & Oh So Deserving.

Wealth, Success, Freedom, Power

ALL of this, is SO much more than…

 … just a simple strategy. 

It’s A DEEP embodiment of your rebel queen energy

As a female entrepreneur, you were born to create massive change + influence in this world…

… it’s the fire in your heart to always be more

You are designed to experience exponential growth, success, freedom + abundance. So why stop now?

It’s so easy to get comfortable in your process, lifestyle + current business model. 

You deserve to celebrate how far you’ve come + all the work you put in to get here. 

And you’ll know, it’s time to EVOLVE so you can finally up level your business to it’s true potential-

To meet you in your own soul expansion. To support you in fully stepping into the bigger vision of what you were REALLY put on this earth to do.  

No more playing small sista friend. It’s time to up level. 

It’s time to expand through pleasure cultivating infinite prosperity through embodying your rebel queen energy.

Getting you back to LIVING more Orgasmically because that’s the way we believe business is supposed to be. 

This container is for you if...

You’ve mastered your craft, Now you are ready to finally have your branding + online marketing truly reflect your next level embodiment.

You’ve hit a plateau + maintained a certain level of success but can’t seem to scale past it.

You’re wondering what the heck you *actually* need to do next to scale BEYOND 6 figures. 

You’ve done the deep energetic work, feel embodied af, but still can’t seem to crack the code to abundance up leveling. 

You’ve mastered either the Feminine OR the masculine; aka all strategy or all soul- but haven’t quite figured out how to integrate BOTH into your business + marketing. 

You’re ready to step into the bigger vision of what you’re really here to do, playing small just isn’t fulfilling you anymore. 

You are deeply craving to massively grow your impact, reach, + client capacity. 

You are ready to systematize the business, build team + STOP the chaos of wearing ALL the hats in your business– It’s time to stay ONLY in your zone of genius.

If any of this resonates with you… here’s the simple truth:

You are NEVER going to get to the next level staying comfortable in what you’ve already mastered.

You are the QUEEN at what you do, “LE DUH” that’s why your clients are so obsessed with you. But when it comes to business expansion, you’re still not completely clear on HOW the F*** you’re actually going to scale the business the way you want to this year.

*You’ve done the ground work, now you’re calling in support to take you far beyond what you’ve been able to do by yourself…*

Deep Down You know in your core that there is another level of success + Abundance you haven’t even begun to explore yet… 

What worked before in your business just isn’t as exciting anymore; 

You’ve grown. Evolved. Expanded. And now you need your business to do the same.

We get it, you are soooo tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure out this up leveling process all on your own. 

Anyone can hit 6 figures, You want to know how to scale BEYOND what’s already been done.

Magnificent Mel

If you had told me years ago while I was wearing pants suits and giving corporate branding presentations that I’d be helping ladies like you tap into their sexual power and show up fully online by posting pics of myself in lingerie…girlllll I would have laughed so loud at your hilarious joke. 

The journey from being stuck in my masculine side at my day job to starting my first branding and web design business and building it to multiple 6 figures to kicking off my second mentorship business with a $40k launch has landed me here. Posting pics of my 🍑in my underwear. And I’m here to empower you to uncover your version of that so that you can give zero fucks and show up online fully. 

Cuz girl let me tell you, it is a FUCKING DREAM to give zero fucks and be fully embodied in your branding & copywriting. 

It’s time to be joyful, orgasmic, ecstatic in your business. It’s time to take back your power and implement systems in your biz that are designed to SUPPORT your feminine energy rather than deplete it. 

This is the place where you get to break all the rules, let go of complex marketing strategies that are suffocating you and FLY FREE with who you truly are (and make that $$ too, boo) 

Let’s do this. 

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Sensual Soph

Oh haiii sista friend. You reading this tells me we’re soul mates on some dimension– we just don’t know it yet. 😉

Taking a sec to drop in with you on some raw truth… 

I’ve been on this entrepreneurial rollercoaster for 4 years + along the way, been insanely blessed by source + synchronicity to be behind the scenes supporting + mentoring for multiple 7 figure brands like BossBabe Inc, Libby Crow, Simon Lovell, + even the Relevancy Engine created by Scott Oldford. 

Safe to say, I KNOW what it takes to scale far beyond the 6 figure mark, but more importantly…I’ve learned from my mentors experiences when they’ve made the decisions to shut down programs, companies, or completely pivot.

The theme? Realizing there’s so much more to life than just trying to hit profit as quickly as possible. It’s why pleasure, spaciousness, + embodiment have become some of my top values in business + marketing. 

Your business will only always evolve to the capacity of which you’ve first evolved yourself.

And if your business isn’t meeting your internal evolution, you’ll quickly find it’s time to shift + pivot. 

Let’s get you scaling a fully embodied brand + business that supports a life of fun, pleasure, and spaciousness. 😉 


We believe in building a business that allows you to be fully embodied + abundant AF. 

It requires SO MUCH MORE than just systems and strategies. We’ve played that game of keeping it professional, polished, and clean– yet it never quite worked the way we wanted it to.

It was exhausting following someone else’s complicated marketing strategy. Building insane funnels and spending literally THOUSANDS on ad spend for little to no return. 

We’ve built this container as a way to completely break the wheel in the marketing industry and show you how to build a business through pleasure and embodiment. Through simple yet sensual systems and strategies by giving you only what we know you need. 

We’re teaching you EXACTLY what we do and that’s it. Because we know how good it feels to show up the way we do, to be seen and felt across the world by an audience that fully resonates with you. 

And to scale the business in a way that’s simple, consistent, and down right orgasmic because you have a clear path and a strategy that works FOR you. 

So if you want in, we’re here for you babe. 

xo – Soph + Mel


Ready to turn yourself on in your business? 

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