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MEET Your Sensual Soul Sista’s in Shine:

Sexy Soph

Would you believe me if I said that self pleasure has been the portal for my abundant success? 😉 

Welllll issss true. Granted, I totally played into the same programs and games as you– Hustled 24/7, built all the funnels, ran all the ads, even developed adrenal fatigue and massive anxiety along the way.

But hey, I supported 2 mentors in scaling million dollar companies and helped well over 100’s of clients in hitting the 6 figure mark in their business over the last 4 years sooooo it worked, right?

Except for the massive realization that having a biz that was hitting these glorified digits was only as satisfying as the minute you got the notification then it went right back to the feelings of frustration, stress, and overwhelm contemplating if this is even worth it. 

YEAH, how’s that for dark and gloomy? Here’s the thing I uncovered: YOU have to redefine what success means to you and START with the life you ACTUALLY want to be living. We’ve gotta stop buying into and chasing someone else’s dream.

No more playing by someone else’s rules and showing up the way *THEY* say you need to. It’s time to reclaim YOUR personal power and divine truth in business. 

It’s time to pleasure your way to success, fall in love with the process, and build the business in way where you feel fully seen and fully expressed.

Ya with me on this one?

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Magnificent Mel

If you had told me years ago while I was wearing pants suits and giving corporate branding presentations that I’d be helping ladies like you tap into their sexual power and show up fully online by posting pics of myself in lingerie…girlllll I would have laughed so loud at your hilarious joke. 

The journey from being stuck in my masculine side at my day job to starting my first branding and web design business and building it to multiple 6 figures to kicking off my second mentorship business with a $40k launch has landed me here. Posting pics of my 🍑in my underwear. And I’m here to empower you to uncover your version of that so that you can give zero fucks and show up online fully. 

Cuz girl let me tell you, it is a FUCKING DREAM to give zero fucks and be fully embodied in your branding & copywriting. 

It’s time to be joyful, orgasmic, ecstatic in your business. It’s time to take back your power and implement systems in your biz that are designed to SUPPORT your feminine energy rather than deplete it. 

This is the place where you get to break all the rules, let go of complex marketing strategies that are suffocating you and FLY FREE with who you truly are (and make that $$ too, boo) 

Let’s do this. 

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